Best Medical Schools in Boston, MA

Crafting a list of “bests” for any category of entities can be difficult, especially when trying to remain objective, and all-inclusive. It’s important that a viewer of any such lists keep in mind that any standardized rubric will not focus most on factors that are most important to him. For this, it is important to review all the parts of the whole. Looking into the medical schools in and around Boston, I compile a guide for the top four according to a general consensus taking into consideration the most impactful components of a school. A small characteristic blurb follows each. In no precise order:

1. Harvard Medical School | Cambridge, MA

Harvard is the best known name in the game and that’s the case for a lot of things. But historicity, longevity, and popularity don’t make a school. Having the highest performing students in attendance and the most funding granted do. Harvard is one of the most selective school in the nation with only a 2% acceptance rate, and attracts and selects from a diverse pool of applicants with students from all over the country, and out of the country. That means the coals, if you will, of the highest quality are being turned into diamonds. Harvard also sees 

far more than double the average amount of funding provided to medical schools nationwide. 

2. Boston University School of Medicine | Boston, MA

BU started as the first institution to offer medical education to women and continues the tradition of progressiveness and innovation to this day. Students can apply as undergraduates as part of a program that shapes them to be better prepared for medical school after their study is complete. The flexibility and rather unorthodox nature of the school also gives students with a stronger proclivity toward the liberal arts the opportunity to merge a more humanities-based schedule with the classes required for medical school. Boston lands in the top ten schools with the most applicants with about 9,000–11,000 applying every year. For a cherry on top, the school is a magnificent castle in the heart of the city making it desirable as a place of study, and  easily accessible from all parts of the metropolis.

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